Morning Routine: Fall Edition!!

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Thumbs up for more seasonal morning routines!! 👍 xoxo, Bethany Here’s my links! So we can chat all day err day..hehe 🙂 Instagram: Bethanynoelm Keek: BethanyMota Vine: Bethany Mota…

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25 Responses to “Morning Routine: Fall Edition!!”

  1. Jbunzie says:

    love pink sugar! has been my staple scent for years! *_*

  2. Katie Betzing says:

    Still watching in 2015:) 

  3. Stewie11115 says:

    why do u brush ur teeth before breakfeast instead of after

  4. CrazyCatLady 1226 says:

    common white girl…

  5. Charlotte Formosa says:

    I don’t know why..but this and the winter after school routine video are my
    all time favs !!2015 April people!!xxx

  6. jmc_style says:

    Hey! I’m new on Youtube 🙂 I make beauty videos and more. Doooooes anyone
    wanna be YouTube friends? Sub me, comment, and I’ll sub ya back!! 🙂 ❤

  7. Breanna Ouyang says:

    How much extra time do you have in the morning…?

  8. Katerina DeOak says:

    Wtf, ain’t nobody got time and money for a fancy-ass breakfast like that

  9. Valeria Rodriguez says:

    Soy la única que ve a bethany Mota y habla español?

  10. Dave E says:

    This… this was in my recommended videos…?
    Jeez, either YouTube’s really gone down the shitter or I need to clear my
    browsing history. Probably the latter.
    On that note, WTF is this shit anyways? I can’t make heads or tails out of
    why almost 9 million people would want to watch this crap.

  11. Allana Tilston says:

    It’s was 1year ago!! And I still watch this,love it hope ur doing okay xo

  12. Areeba Rizwan says:

    The way she looks in the mirror tho………… She must really really
    really really really really really really really really really like to look
    at her self and not only in this video………….not hating just
    stating…..does anyone else notice?…………I bet she thinks she’s the
    queen of

  13. Salma Moemen says:

    I am watching this in 2015 even if u stopped filming much although i still
    love u and i will never stop watching u ……. Who agrees with me . 

  14. Chloe V says:

    What is the second song that played?!!!!!!

  15. Maddie Love says:

    i can’t count how many times I’ve watched this video u r just still my
    queen even though ur the first youtuber i’ve ever watched

  16. Makayla Foster says:

    Bethany you look amazing

  17. Jess Equess says:

    She is the most basic white girl I have ever seen in my life lol

  18. مغيره غره says:

    2 questions does she live alone and does she go to school

  19. shir dorn says:

    The baby is you’re sister?

  20. Simona Burešova says:

    You have got baby?☺☺

  21. Nofanny Rizky says:

    you looks like Paulina Vega (Miss Universe 2014)

  22. PastelSimmer says:

    Is she rich or what??

  23. siomara ortiz says:

    Why do you have to be so perfectt!?! You should be arrested for being
    that flawless, like I’m not even kidding. I love you though, so I won’t
    call the cops on you.❤️

  24. LETA NALD says:

    I love Bethany Mota!
    She is perfect

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