How To Increase Sperm Count

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Watch How To Increase Sperm Count from the leading how to video provider. This advice video will give you informative instructions to make sure you get good at male sexual problems, conception,…

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21 Responses to “How To Increase Sperm Count”

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  2. Faisal Champ says:

    Does extra excretion of sperm reduce athletic stamina

  4. Drizzle baby says:


  5. Kyle FIsher says:

    lol i like how everything on here is speculation

  6. Stay Raw says:

    dont use it dont loose it

  7. Jennifer Nichols says:

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  8. Shabaz Khan says:

    i have some suggestion for

  9. john james says:

    what do mean?

  10. George Louis says:

    Thumbs up. I thought this was just going to be another one of those don’t
    wear tighty whities it lowers sperm count myths. Sperm count is genetic and
    there could be something in our environment maybe the pesticides that are
    sterilizing us. Also avoid the X-ray scanners.

  11. Mike Taylor says:

    Uhhhhh :O wut I’m 10

  12. vlun121 says:

    see your naturopathic doctor.

  13. Emil Johansson says:

    Great spörm advice! Thanks

  14. knigthfigth says:

    Well this was a load of crap

  15. steve evans says:

    Or u can masterbate wait……….. really oh……she said it increases ur
    dick.not sperms

  16. zach crowley says:

    I masturbated to much and now I fell stay and empty

  17. Tanuja Dixit says:

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  18. rowdy akshay says:

    Good video

  19. john james says:

    if your height is 180 cm, in meter it is 1.8. Multiply 1.8 and 1.8 you got
    3.24. then divide your weight (60kg, for example) by 3.24 you got 18.5.
    that’s 18.5 %, low count sperm, emergency. the end.

  20. aamir khan says:

    Thanks for sharing

  21. Reshad Reshi says:

    I didn’t get the 1:28 :|| any help ?

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